Prime Response, Inc. (PRI) was established to cultivate a “new class” of contracting partnership; one focused on demonstrated improvement, cost management, operational efficiency, and quality performance. PRI engages all contracts as if they are private sector commitments demanding a creative focus on work force expertise, economic adaptability, metrics management, and superior quality. PRI embraces each dynamic challenge by empowering knowledgeable and experienced problem solvers to implement innovative solutions that are linked to organizational mission objectives. Furthermore, we take great pride in our track record of customer satisfaction and the transformation of underperforming and/or inefficient operations into highly proficient, quality-focused organizations. PRI is an SBA-certified 8(a) small disadvantaged business.

PRI has developed resources (personnel and processes) that have been improved upon and refined through years of “working in the trenches”.  Having been forged through the practice of helping our clients’ meet their goals and objectives, PRI resources have consistently achieved enhanced performance by utilizing our acquired cost and performance efficiencies.

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Business Focus Areas

Program Management

Support Services

Distribution and Logistics

IT and Technical Services

Our Approach

PRI enters every engagement with an eye to the five differentiators below.  We believe these are our cornerstones to achieving high-quality, reliable, and efficient performance to exceed our clients' expectations. We trust our approach in these performance elements and believe they distinguish PRI from other contractors in the marketplace.


We implement management practices and processes that focus on results-based performance, exemplary service, lower operational costs, and efficiencies – effectively addressing the main challenges in today’s public sector marketplace.


We research each of our customers’ unique environments, circumstances, and challenges to develop innovative management and operational plans geared toward improving performance and utilizing all operational elements (personnel, products, and resources).



PRI utilizes fully-qualified and complementary personnel with skill sets to meet all customers’ needs. We leverage our years of corporate and industry experience to address customer challenges and requirements.



PRI ensures superior quality in all tasks and responsibilities. We continuously measure and manage all performance metrics against the objectives to achieve and maintain consistent high-quality performance.



PRI utilizes applied technologies, human resources management tools and best practices to accomplish our clients’ objectives. Our goal is to foster an optimized environment that is capable of “doing more with less”.

Terry Gaskins
Founder and President/CEO

Terry Gaskins – PRI’s founder and President/CEO – has spent all of his thirty-plus year professional career providing professional services to federal, state, and local government clients.  His most significant observation during that time also happens to be the one common area of agreement between all in government - we need to improve the quality of government services, yet accomplish the task with cost and performance efficiencies.  In a phrase, “We need to do more with less”. With this in mind, Terry set off to cultivate a new breed of company; one grown from the ground up, based on offering the best in industry expertise, and focused on providing efficiency, cost management, and superior, measured performance to meet the needs of the current, and future, government marketplace.