PRI understands that the overall success of any enterprise is attributed to proper, effective, and experienced management. PRI provides practiced and proficient managers capable of transforming large, small, or project-based programs and activities into high-performing, high-quality organizations and teams. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to apply top-tier management personnel with “real-life” experience and qualifications across a variety of federal agencies and service branches.


Most, if not all, activities require administrative and support services in order to effectively meet the mission or organizational goals. The quality, professionalism, and experience of our support personnel are key to efficient operations and overall activity success.  PRI supplies associates across a wide range of business and support disciplines – all with superior qualifications.  PRI’s support services include the areas of acquisition support, property/asset management, administration, and clerical responsibilities.



One of PRI’s core competencies is the management and performance of activities relative to the receipt, storage, management, movement, distribution, disposal, and accountability of assets and property.  We understand the “logistics world” and the intricacies of government policies and regulations with respect to property and supply materiel.  PRI provides skilled personnel across the full range of logistics and material management activities from warehouse labor, to supply technicians, to logistics consulting professionals and supply chain planners.



PRI recognizes that quality and success is often predicated upon contract staff possessing unique and/or very specific training, experience, and expertise. PRI employs knowledge workers and technical personnel capable of solving complex challenges requiring a multitude of skill sets.  We specialize in areas such as business analysis, continuity planning, applied information technology, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) - in addition to a variety of other disciplines that require specific knowledge and/or analytical skills and experience.